Terms and Conditions

General information about the company:

Mochizuki Group

v/Shimon Mochizuki

Søllerød Park 8, 1. 11

2840 Holte


Questions regarding purchase, delivery, returnering and complaints, write to:


CVR : 31337887

Tlf : . +45 61363849

How to purchase

At mokahardware.com can purchase our products. Questions regarding our products you will find under ”product info”, if not, you can e-mail your question to us at info@mokahardware.com. All prices are inclusive Danish/EU VAT and other taxes.

When shopping outside of EU, e.g. from Norway, the customs might add taxes to the package when it enters the country.

You will automatically receive a copy of your purchase when you shop at mokahardware.com.

Note! You must be at least 15 years of age and in possesion of your own credit card to be able to shop on mokahardware.com.

How to shop at mokahardware.com

A purchase at mokahardware.com are being made through the following steps:

Find the goods you want to purchase, put them in the basket, and proceed to checkout.

Change the amount, size or color of a specific product if you like, or e.g. choose to take a product out of the basket again.

Enter your personal data.

Choose a payment method.

Accept the terms and conditions for shopping at mokahardware.com.

Check that all info is correct and then approve the purchase.

In a few minutes you will receive a confirmation on your e-mail of the purchase. It is important that your e-mailadresse is correctly entered, otherwise you will not receive the confirmation.

Payment method

on mokahardware.com you can pay with:



Visa Electron


The money transaction is wired through a Nets approved (previously PBS) SSL - encrypted connection.

mokahardware.com withdraws the amount when goods are sent.

Confirmation of your purchase

When you receive the confirmation of your purchase, please check that it matches your purchase, and that your contact info is correct. Should you notice any errors in the confirmation or if you have changes to your purchase, please contact mokahardware.com right away.


All goods are shipped with Post Danmark. Delivery time is 1-3 days . We deliver to all European countries and we send the goods to the address you desired, when you bought the products.


You should check that the package are not damaged, when you receive your goods. If you discover damages to the goods, please contact us at info@mokahardware.com.


mokahardware.com, gives you 24 months of warranty on damaged goods. This means that du either can get the product repaired, exchanged or your money back, or a discount, depending on the specific situation. It is conditional to these terms, that the complaint is justified, as well as the error on the product is not a result of misuse of the product or other damaging use of the product.

Complaints must be reported within a fair timeframe, from when you discovered the damage on the product. The complaint is always within a fair timeframe, when it is reported within 2 months from when the damage was discovered.

When you want to report a complaint on a product, please contact us at: sm@mokahardware.com

Please inclose a description of the damage, when you return the product. Remember to provide us with the purchase-no.

Please contact mokahardware.com by e-mail: sm@mokahardware.com before returneringen the products.

mokahardware.com will send you a confirmation by e-mail when the product you complaint about is returned. This confirmation will also describe the further steps in the process.

NOTE! We do not receive packages sent by COD or similar.

Remember, the product must always be returned in protective packaging.


According to consumer law, you have 14 days to cancel, when you shop at mokahardware.com. Right runs from the date on which you received your goods and are subject that you have not broken the sealed package, because it reduces the value of commodities.

When you return the products, you must pay the postage yourself. The products can be sent to:

Mochizuki Group

v/Shimon Mochizuki

Søllerød Park 8, 1. 11

2840 Holte


If you regret your purchase, we refunded the purchase price to you by transferring to your bank account. It happens when mokahardware.com has received the goods and verified that they meet the rules for withdrawal. It is therefore important that you provide your bank details.

It is not a demand, but the expedition will be enhanced, if the adequate information is following the package. Please attach a copy of the purchase confirmation, registration and account number of the bank account to which the reimbursement may be, copies of any previous correspondence, etc.

Note! mokahardware.com does not accept packages sent by COD or similar.


mokahardware.com use so-called log statistics, that is a statistical system that collects information that can give a statistical picture of how many visitors we've had, where they come from, where the site is vacated, etc. mokahardware.com use traffic log cookies for the purpose of optimizing the website and its functionality.


In order to enter an online agreement with mokahardware.com, you have to register yourself with the following personal information:



Phone number

E- mail

mokahardware.com is recording your personal information solely with the objective of delivering your goods to you. The information is stored unencrypted for five years, after which they are deleted.

When collecting personal information from the website, mokahardware.com ensures you that it only happens with your full knowledge, so that you are informed of exactly what information is collected and why.

Information provided to mokahardware.com will not in any circumstances be transmitted or sold in any way to third parties, and mokahardware.com does not collect any sensitive or personal information.

As registered with mokahardware.com you always have the right to object to the registration. You also have the right to inspect the information recorded about you. These rights are secured by the Personal Data Act, queries regarding this should be directed to mokahardware.com by email: info@mokahardware.com


mokahardware.com uses cookies with the aim of optimizing the website and its functionalities. Cookies are used to:

• creating increased usability for the customers.

• to remember which products you have put in the basket, when you are shopping on the website.

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mokahardware.com reserve the rights for typos, price changes and sold out products. All prices shown are incl. Danish VAT and other taxes. We reserve the right to alter prices at any time.